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    More About Our Cocktail Gummies

    Who says you have to wait for cocktail hour to taste your favourite tipple? Our Cocktail gummies collection is a tasty escape into the flavours of popular cocktails without the need for a shaker or a stirrer.

    These sophisticated sweets are crafted for lovers of fine cocktails and fun, and are perfect for those who enjoy the essence of classic cocktails with none of the alcohol.

    Each cocktail gummy sweet is infused with flavours that mimic real cocktails, providing an authentic taste experience that’s both refreshing and surprisingly real. Whether you’re a fan of zesty citrus notes or tropical fruits, our collection has something you're sure to love.

    From the sunny beaches of a Pina Colada to the deep, mysterious hues of a Cuba Libre, every gummy is created to transport you to the beaches and bars at which you have enjoyed these iconic drinks. Our Cocktail Gummies collection is an invitation to savour your favorite cocktails in a fun and novel way.

    These cocktail flavoured sweets are a hit at any gathering or as a thoughtful gift for any cocktail enthusiast. So why wait for happy hour? Our cocktail gummies are available now for those who love a good cocktail and a great sweet.