How to Pick the Perfect Sweets for Your Wedding

When it comes to weddings, every aspect of the big day has to be considered to make it absolutely perfect. 

There are big decisions, such as the location of the event, the choice of best man, or the style of dress to wear.

And then there are the smaller ones. The ones that may not seem important, but can add little touches to make your big day extra special.

One of these is sweets.

As your guests sit down and enjoy a meal, good conversation and tasty drinks will flow, and the perfect way to please every guest, young and old, is to add some gourmet sweets to the table.

A popular choice is love hearts, but here at Ask Mummy & Daddy, we have some other options, and we’ve created this blog to provide seven tips so you can make the perfect choice.

How to Pick the Right Wedding Sweets

Know Your Guests

While your decisions for your big day should consider your own preferences, you should also think about your guests. 

Do you need to add gluten free or vegetarian options to some tables? 

Will there be tables with mostly children as that might change the type of sweets you provide?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you make sure every table gets the perfect sweets for them.

Choose a Theme

Many weddings have a theme. 

Whether you’re going for something traditional or something completely tailored to you, the choice of sweets can help to bolster your choice and stick to the chosen style of the day. 

For example, if you’re going for a traditional theme, why don’t you add some classic sweets to your celebration?

If you’re into science fiction and this is the focus of your wedding day, then some flying saucers can go down a treat. 

The possibilities are endless, and sweets are the perfect way to stick to a theme whilst still providing delicious treats.

Add Some Variety

All of your guests will have different tastes and preferences, so try and keep the choice of sweets fresh and exciting by adding a touch of variety. 

Sharing tubs are ideal for this, adding lots of different types of sweets all in one package. 

You could also choose to mix up your selections, combining the old with the new, or providing something sweet alongside something sour. 

The key is to provide something for everyone, so bear that in mind when making your decision.

Presentation Matters

When planning your wedding venue, you have probably gone into minute detail on every aspect. 

The same should apply for your sweets. 

In many cases, they may be in the centre of every table, or decorating a table near the dance floor. 

No matter where your sweets are, the vibrant nature of them makes them a great way of adding a splash of colour to your design. 

Beautiful stands all colour co-ordinated can look great, as well as decorative jars and tubs in the middle of a table. 

While they do taste great, sweets can be much more than just delicious snacks, and they can form a big part of your wedding day design, so don’t be afraid to utilise their colour.

Quantity and Budget

Weddings are expensive. There is no getting away from the costs that come with your big day. 

This means that you have to be strict with money and stick to a budget, or else you could end up spending a lot more than you first intended to. 

Balancing your desire for delicious sweets with the reality of your financial capabilities is important. 

Try to work out how many people are coming, and how many sweets everyone will need. 

You don’t want to quickly run out, or have hundreds left over at the end of the day, so allocating four or five sweets per person is a good rule of thumb to stick to. 

Look for bulk buy deals or sharing tubs as these often come at a lower price per sweet than smaller cases.

Logistics and Timing

There’s a lot to consider when organising a wedding, and when it comes to food, timing is everything. 

This is another reason that sweets make a great choice. 

They last for a long time, and therefore can be stored in advance of the big day so that they’re ready to go when you need them.

Always buy in advance, especially when ordering online, so that you can be sure your sweets will arrive in time, and make sure you have the tools at hand to place your sweets where you want them and share them out on the big day. 

Personal Touches

Our final tip is to add a personal touch. 

If you can add names to the containers for example, or choose sweets with added meaning, this can make them much more effective. 

Maybe it is a shared interest, or sweets that are a key part of the story of your relationship, this can be a great way to commemorate this and a great conversation starter. 

This can make the containers and sweet packaging a great keepsake for guests, and something that can elevate your sweets into a cherished memory.

Wedding Sweets from Ask Mummy & Daddy

When it comes to selecting sweets for your wedding, the options are varied and exciting, and here at Ask Mummy & Daddy, we have a great selection of sweets that is sure to contain the perfect choice for you.  

We’ve compiled a list of three choices that are ideal for your big day, and listed them here:

  • Cocktail-Flavoured Sweets - Weddings are a great time to let your hair down and enjoy a few drinks. Cocktails are great choices to get the party started, and this can be shown with your choice of sweet. Our cocktail gummies range contains a wide range of different flavours, from mojito to pina colada, and is a great way to delight your guests without any added alcohol. They are perfect for evening receptions or weddings with a chic, contemporary vibe, and are great conversation-starters.

  • Coffee Bean Gummies - When the night is starting to wind down, many people opt for a coffee for a final boost of energy and a nice hot beverage. Our coffee bean gummies offer a unique way to integrate the rich, aromatic flavours of coffee into your wedding sweets. Whether wanting to keep the party going, or you’re starting to relax, these are a great choice, and they can even be dissolved in water for a delicious drink. For a perfect pick-me-up as the celebration extends into the night, you can’t go wrong with these.

  • Sharing Tubs of Sweets - When it comes to spreading the treats out, our share tubs of sweets are the ideal solution. These small tubs contain a mix of tasty sweets, and can be themed to suit your special day perfectly. It’s a great way to get people talking and sharing sweets, and you even have the accompanying jar so you don’t need to consider decoration. From our smile tub, to our ‘let’s celebrate’ and ‘sent with love’ tub, our selection has something for every guest and wedding.

Wedding Sweets from Ask Mummy & Daddy

When it comes to picking the perfect wedding sweets, it can be a tricky choice. Here at Ask Mummy & Daddy, we have something for everyone.

From classic styles and flavours, to unique and innovative twists, browse our collection today to find the perfect choice for you.

Get in touch with our team to find out more.