Our Story

Kane our founder was never really sure what he wanted to do when leaving school at the age of 16, his passion was to just become a success and make something for himself but at time of leaving school he wasn’t confident, came out of school with no GCSE’s at all and also learning was a challenge for him as Kane suffers from dyslexia, he saw all his friends head off to college with aspirations of going to university so he openly admits that leaving school was terrifying simply because he felt a failure.

In Kane’s words “I cannot sit on my backside” he went and helped his parents from time to time but always in the background was looking for jobs but because he wouldn’t of had any results from school he had to show his personality and will as his advantage and that’s what he done when he applied for a admin/junior role at Cath Kidston (then a small lifestyle brand) – Kane landed his job at Cath Kidston at the age of just 16 years old and went on to work there for just over 10 years in which he worked in departments such as marketing, visual merchandising, facilities, events and so much more and he loved it – watching a brand go from 2 shops to over 100 worldwide, Kane made mistakes along the way but learned from those mistakes.

Fast forward and Kane went on a break from Cath Kidston and decided to do a little travelling and then he was asked to join another brand mainly because of his experience at Cath Kidston and the business was Biscuiteers Baking Company – a baking and chocolate brand in its early stages of growth which was massively exciting! Kane joined as operations manager and help implement ideas/plans from his experience at Cath Kidston.

Kane sat there writing down business names after business names but just couldn’t get anything together so then Kane’s dad said why not “Ask Mummy & Daddy” because he said “kane when you was growing up all you use to do as a child was “ask my mum & dad for pocket money to go and buy sweets” so that’s why the brand Ask Mummy & Daddy was born! Having big aspirations to take Ask Mummy & Daddy worldwide one day I knew the same was perfect simply because from an international standpoint everyone understands what it is!

The major breakthrough come when Kane decided to cold call Selfridges in which he had no experience, no insight information literally nothing and he managed to bag himself a meeting with the main confectionery buyer in which he still says to this day he doesn’t know what he was talking about he just went in with sheer drive, passion and honesty believing in his business – fast forward after that meeting the business received its first order which was surreal!

The last few years has been a whirlwind, but we are proud of where it has gone since the start – yes there have been challenges and some very big ones but what was one a business in Kane’s bedroom is now a business selling in some of the leading stores across the UK and now opening doors in Australia, New Zealand and now Hong Kong!

Ask Mummy & Daddy’s plan is not to just sit still it’s to continue to create creations over & over with great flavours, gifts for all occasions and push the boundaries always!

Thanks for following our journey so far!

Kane x