Why choose our gourmet sweets?

We offer unique confectionery gifts & launch limited edition drops you won't find anywhere else in the market, as well as covering vegan friendly treats, gluten free options and so much more!

Don't just take our word for it...

These are just absolutely my favourite sweets. Every one I've tried has been delicious.


Great sweets, great customer care and all round a great company.


Their sweets are really special and my go-to for sweetie gifts.


A little about us

Ask Mummy & Daddy

Ask Mummy & Daddy was founded by Kane, in 2018.

Kane started selling pre-packed sweets at market stalls and any summer or Christmas fairs he could simply to earn some extra cash whilst also working day to day. The business itself was born from his bedroom and when he would finish his day job, he would go home and pack more sweets for the next event, he would get friends and family involved to speed up the process and pay them with sweets as a thank you!

After doing that for a few years the business quickly became full-time operation when he believed in himself and jumped in the deep end in 2019 and managed to get himself a meeting with Selfridges in which he still says to this day was one of scariest moments of his life, not knowing much and just being honest and showing passion for something he believed in by creating something that his customers would trust & believe in.

Thank you for supporting our small business, we couldn’t have done it without you!